Canon News has uncovered a patent showing functionality for LCD review with EVF equipped ILCs.

We have been told in the past that Canon is working on a EVF DSLR, which makes some sense to us if the EVF is as good as what we see on the Leica SL. As Canon News points out, the patent images show a DSLR and not an EOS M camera.

From Canon News about Japan Patent Application 2018-113532:

This patent is interesting.  It discusses how to do image review and also live operation with an EVF based camera and the back LCD panel, but most interesting, is the camera suggested in the patent application.  It's a DSLR shaped camera, and not an M designed camera.  While Canon could use any looking camera for it's patents, usually the image of the camera, guides their intent.  In other words, I would not have expected this to be an DSLR, if they were not looking at EVF's in DSLR form factors, but would have shown an M5 or M6 camera, it's not as if Canon doesn't have those images floating around. Read more….

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