Canon's next round of announcements will likely be for more Cinema EOS gear, and I expect a lot of RF mount cinema lenses in the near future.

We do know that there are going to be RF mount versions of the Sumire line, as well as new compact cinema zoom lenses, and this could potentially be one of them.

Canon 16-55mm T2.9 Compact Zoom

  • Focal length: 16.50mm 27.55mm 53.81mm
  • F number: 2.90 2.90 2.90
  • Half angle of view: 42.26° 25.94° 13.98°
  • Image height: 14.00mm 14.00mm 14.00mm
  • Lens total length: 103.55mm 109.78mm 129.89mm
  • BF: 14.18mm 12.29mm 10.01mm

The image for this post is the Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 Compact-Servo Cine Zoom

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  1. All the current CN-E compact servo zooms are for S35, so I'd imagine it'd stay S35, especially since one of the main points of the line is keeping the lenses relatively small.
    True but I would expect Canon to make more FF cinema cameras to compete with Sony's offerings.
  2. True but I would expect Canon to make more FF cinema cameras to compete with Sony's offerings.
    Maybe this is the start of a full-frame version of this line. No one knows until we see it. But my guess is it will be S35 to keep with the current line.
  3. Seems like Super35, as 16-55 is a pretty standard Super35/APS-C focal length. Will be excellent on the C70 and future C300 RF cameras - hopefully even smaller than the 18-80mm t4.4. I'm sure they'll have some full-frame zooms as well, but will probably be huge and expensive.
  4. Since the Image Height is specified as 14mm, that would indicate a Super 35mm lens (as would also be expected for the other reasons mentioned above). (For reference: C300 III's sensor has a height of 13.8mm.)

    Hoping this one has minimal focus breathing like the 18-80.

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