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Patent: The Canon vlogging camera appears in another patent

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I reported earlier this month that Canon would make an EF-M related announcement in 2021, even after telling you about the imminent demise of the EOS M system in its current form.

Canon News has uncovered another patent for this new camera from Canon.

The latest patent showcases a lock that prevents the device from moving around when you are replacing lenses. The mount is likely for EF-M lenses.

There have been at least 9 patents related to this camera device since December. You can check a few of them here, here and here.

I’m at the point of thinking this is going to be a consumer product in 2021, and announcing it in April would make a lot of sense, as that is NAB season.

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CR Pro
May 16, 2020
Okay, so if EF-M's future is going to tackle more vlogging, can we get an EF-M 16mm f1.4? How about a 10mm f2?
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Bob Howland

CR Pro
Mar 25, 2012
Okay, so if EF-M's future is going to tackle more vlogging, can we get an EF-M 16mm f1.4? How about a 10mm f2?
A 15 f/2 and 10 or 11 f/2.8 would likely be much smaller and preferable. I own the Sigma 16 f/1.4 and it is excellent, but it also is the largest of their f/1.4 Trio.
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EOS M7 (please)
Jan 10, 2021
I’m really curious about what kind of weight this thing will take and still stabilize properly. I’m going to assume the Sigma 18-35 + adapter is a long shot.
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CR Pro
Dec 28, 2020
A hand-held vlogging camera is an ideal (from a business sense) evolution of the EF-M lens lineup. The EF-M lenses are compact, lightweight, and inexpensive -- exactly what you'd want in a vlogging camera that would often be held with a single extended arm.

This will maximize continued revenue from the existing EF-M lens lineup, with minimal demand for additional development. More importantly, it does not cannibalize the RF lens lineup. I do NOT expect Canon to develop new large-aperture EF-M lenses for this application.

I DO expect Canon will develop and release a compact, lightweight, FISHEYE lens. This is the one lens missing from the EF-M lineup that would make sense for vlogging. I expect Canon's product roadmap will steer existing EF-M camera users toward RF-S cameras and lenses that physically fit the RF mount.
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John Wilde

Jan 2, 2021
The M50 is Canon's best selling mirrorless camera, both in Japan and in the USA. There is a zero chance that it will be discontinued this year.

Anyway, it makes sense for Canon to add a more video-centric M camera of some kind.
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Joel C

CR Pro
Sep 22, 2019
Tacoma, WA
A very interesting camera for certain. Though, over the past few years we have seen the development of the software based stabilization, this might be deemed useless by a lot of people.

It might save me some space in my travel cam bags though.

tigers media

Mar 26, 2020
if they bring a nice 11mm lens with that in built led light ring that the macro lens has in the EF-M range then would be awesome but needs to be weather proof to be useable as so many great gimbals like the dji om 4 which are all great options. But weather proof is the only area all the gimbals fail in and if its just a lens then surely this could be why they have gone this route?