Canon EF/EF-S 55-110 f/2
A new patent showing off a unique zoon range and speed from Canon. Would indoor sports be the target market with such a lens?

It's noted that this may be for APS-C cameras, therefore an EF-S lens. (thanks Michael)

Patent Publication No. 2012-8344

  • 2012.1.12 Release Date
  • Filing date 2010.6.24

Example 1

  • Focal length f = 55.5 – 112.2mm
  • Fno. = 2.0
  • 2.0 zoom ratio
  • Half angle of 13.4181 – 6.712 deg.
  • Each group 18 Configuration 15
  • Inner Zoom
  • Group of the formula before feeding
  • Negative distortion that occurs in the front lens group and zooming to the telephoto side, causing a distortion in the positive side of the rear lens group is moved to the fifth group, the overall distortion suppressed .

Source: [EG]


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