New fast primes
The often talked about 50 f/1.4 and 135 f/2 have appeared in a new patent this week. We've heard that a replacement to the 50 f/1.4 would come first. A new 135 f/2L is a desired lens if they put IS into the upgrade. We've also heard a new 85 f/1.2L with reduced weight and approved AF performance was also on the horizon.

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-114133 (Google Translated)
    • Publication date 2013.6.10
    • Filing date 2011.11.30
Focal length Fno. The overall length of the lens BF Lens constitution
One 85.00 1.24 122.56 38.35 10 pieces of six groups
Two 83.30 1.80 116.11 39.11 10 sheets in 7 groups
Three 132.30 2.06 162.67 43.23 10 sheets in 7 groups
Four 51.70 1.41 87.84 38.94 7 group nine
  • Factors that chromatic aberration of magnification chromatic aberration or axial chromatic aberration occurs
    • Reducing the total length
    • Focal length for a long time
  • Glass material Abbe number 70-90, of 1.4-1.5 refractive index
    • Possible correction of axial chromatic aberration
    • Must increase a curvature, spherical aberration and curvature of field is generated
  • Canon patent
    • I use a glass material having an anomalous partial dispersion of the predetermined
    • Consisting of organic and inorganic compound

Source: [EG]


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