The bad
A little unexpectedly, Canon is quite coy with all their new gear.

I cannot touch the following stuff (I missed a press event with Canon yesterday). Remember I AM on my honeymoon. :)

  • EF 8-15  f/4L
  • EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
  • EF 300 f/2.8L IS II
  • EF 400 f/2.8L IS II

The 4K Prototype camera is unavailable to see, as is the white concept camera that were at Canon Expo in NYC.

Now onto stuff I can touch

The Canon Mouse Calculator

This this is as beautiful in person as it is on the internet. Apparently you can type on the keypad and populate an Excel spreadsheet cell. You psyched? Canon never forgets accountants are people too.

The Canon G12

I played with the G12 and the P7000 from Nikon. I am giving an unbiased mini-review of the 2 cameras.

I much preferred the G12, it's a far more refined product. It feels better in the hand and is much better ergonomically. The Nikon has the feeling of buttons and dials everywhere. If you put the 2 cameras side by side and play around with them. I do believe most people are going to agree.

We'll have to wait on the image quality showdown.

PowerShot S95

I'm going to buy the S95

I ran into Are from, a Norweigan photography web site. He let me play around with his S95 loaner from Canon Norway. I must say Canon has indeed fixed the issue of the rear wheel being too loose. On that alone, I will be buying the S95. I loved the S90 outside of that.

More Canon Photos

More to come later on today. My head is spinning, there's so much to see!


Howabout when we can buy a Summilux 50?!

I will be posting about the Leica booth later today. I was able to play around with the Noctilux as well as a few other M lenses on my wishlist.

Their booth was busy and quite classy.


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