If you're going to Photokina…
I'm stealing this idea from Nikon Rumors…. I'd love to see a picture of “Canon Rumors” at Photokina. Bring a sign to the Canon booth, or a t-shirt… whatever. Send me a picture and I'll post it here.

I'll also post any other fun pictures you may have from the event.

The general consensus is there will not be another camera announced at Photokina. There is a pretty big gap in pricing between the 50D and 5D2. However, that will probably be closed leading up to Christmas with a price drop. There will most likely be a D700 drop.

I'll keep asking though.

1D & 1Ds
I haven't received any credible information about the replacements for these 2 cameras. Just a lot of opinion.

If it's true and the Canon marketing department wants megapixels over sensor tech, expect a near medium format 1Ds.

As for the 1D, APS-H or FF? I'm on the fence as to which I'd prefer. I do know 10-12mp is ENOUGH! I could see it matching the 50D in resolution.

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