More than the A480 coming?
In a word, yes.

You can still expect a few more cameras to be announced by Canon in the next week or so. I'm being told to realistically expect 3 cameras.

SD1200 is definate, as well as 2 other ELPH/IXUS models.

*UPDATE* North American CMOS
I was told a few months ago that the SX1 IS could make its way to North America for PMA, that has now been quashed by a few sources. There is still an outside chance of an ELPH CMOS model for worldwide consumption.


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  1. OK, for Elph and IXUS. But I’m quite concerned by an eventual lack of new Powerschot with classical P/TV/AV/M modes. A great part of Canon digital camera success was mad on great “Powershot A” like A80, A95, A720 …

  2. USA will have CMOS p&s when Canon gets around the stupid patent that prevents it from selling the current sensor there, until then buy from ebay (or change your lame patent law)

  3. when will we be able to actually but the sd1200/how long from announcement to release generally?

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