*UPDATE* I think we can file these images under the “fake” category without any doubt. Rumors.camera (via PetaPixel) has uncovered where the photos on the LCD screen of the camera came from.

It looks like Unsplash strikes again as both images on the rear of the camera come from the site. You can see each image below as well as on Unsplash here and here.

You'll also notice on the wing of the plane that a KLM logo is easily visible and no manufacturer would put someone else's logo in a promotional shot. The image is also shot on a Panasonic DMC-GX85.

It the future, it looks like I will have to dig a little deeper before I post leaked images from new sources. This is no slight to Photo Rumors or anyone else that believed or wanted to believe that these photos were real. It is the best faked image we may have ever seen.

Thanks to all the sleuths out there who did the dirty work in figuring all of this out.

We also confirmed that there will be no PowerShot G7 X Mark III coming ahead of CP+, but that there will be a new G series camera later on in 2018.

What I will add is that I haven't seen this level of excitement for a Canon camera, not just a compact in a long, long time.

Every camera enthusiast around has already gone over the three “leaked” images of a Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III. A lot of people think they're fake, a lot of people WANT them to be real and others aren't sure.

We've noticed a couple of things that give us pause.

  • The whole design is completely new for Canon, we generally don't see changes this big so quickly.
  • The “MarkIII” on the tilt screen is completely out of place.
  • The font on the from of the lens is different colors, the “mm”, “x2 IS” and “-” aren't white.

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Canon News shares their thoughts

  • Powershot is not mentioned anywhere on the camera. Every powershot has powershot written on it somewhere
  • There's no microphone holes
  • The top dial doesn't have EC on it, which means that canon is actually removing the EC dial from the G7X Mark III.
  • There's no flash switch to pop out the flash (even though looking from the top it appears like it has a flash)
  • The buttons don't look “canon-like”.  The icons don't match canon “standard icons”.
  • There's no record button.
  • There's no click / smooth button for the dial around the lens.
  • The video images show 120 minutes and 60 minutes which would classify this as a video camera and not a stills camera for European import taxation. This won't happen.
  • There's no sensor on the front of the camera for the infrared remote trigger. Every Canon has that.
  • no PASM dial
  • No quick menu / SET button

We put the images through our standard PhotoShop curves testing we do on mockups and have found consistencies between these images and official Canon product photos.

If this is a fake, it's the best fake of a camera we have ever seen. They're usually very easy to spot with some PhotoShop curves work. It would also be the first time someone has faked a compact camera. A DSLR, a lens or a Mirrorless we've seen numerous times, but I don't recall a PowerShot being faked.

Is it possible this is an early design rendering from Canon that is not yet complete? That's possible, although it would be the first 3D design rendering we've ever seen.

I'll know very soon if the PowerShot G7 X Mark III is indeed around the corner, which should help in authenticating these images.

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