Sources continue to talk to us about the next EOS R cameras, but the information has been pretty vague for the most part.

However, we have received our first somewhat informative Canon EOS R Mark II specifications. A camera we have been told on more than one occasion will be coming in 2020.

Canon EOS R Mark II rumored specifications:

  • 32mp
  • IBIS
  • DIGIC X (A different version than the EOS-1D Mark III)
  • 12fps
  • ISO 100 – 51,200
  • 1 SD card slot
  • 1 CFexpress slot
  • No crop 4K video with DPAF
  • No RAW video
  • 5mp EVF
  • May get a new naming scheme

Take any [CR1] specifications lists with a grain of salt, however, a few of these specifications have been mentioned by known sources over the last couple of weeks.

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  1. My rule is simple: no BSI no buy.
    Sounds like a silly rule. If the quality matches your expectations, would you not buy the camera just because it uses a different technology to do what it does?
  2. RF mount really needs a good bunch of small pancake lens and primes that are somewhat affordable. I bet plenty of enthusiast would love to shed some weight out of their travelling FF setup.

    Then start shipping the cameras with AI like pixel/iPhones and blow people's minds with amazing night shots.

    Maybe that's one way Canon could get more revenue.
  3. IBIS should finally be there, crucial function for proper work with that fantastic new prime lenses, at this stage of time, EF 85mm 1.4 still overperform more expensive RF 85 1.2 in real world usage.
  4. 12 FPS; not bad but I'm wondering what's left with servo tracking?
    Also, how much better is the EVF for fast action photography because the one in the EOS-R is not quite there?
  5. Hands up who read down the list, got to "1 Sd Card slot" and thought, 'oh no, what a disappointment!'

    I thought, perfect! All the hate should bring downthe price. But really, there is no way we’re getting 12fps with first launch of IBIS on an enthusiast FF camera. There will 2 card slots or else’s every other feature is wrong in this list.
  6. Quite nice.

    but yet no "yeah" moment.

    And single card slot makes me say "ME!"
    At this pricepoint, the CFexpress card will be suprer-ruggedized. So, don´t worry.... :cool:
    BTW: Your wallet will :cry:, when the rumores high-MP-Eos-R will appear on the market and you can spend 400€ for 256GB you need

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