CES 2014 in Las Vegas
Canon will be announcing new PowerShot cameras for CES as per usual.

Two cameras we're told could be coming are a PowerShot SX60 HS, Canon's big zoom range compact. We're told the camera will take a bit of a “new direction”, though we weren't told what. We're also told that a redo of the PowerShot G1 X with an APS-C sensor could also be coming. Though the source says they haven't heard much about the development for “some time now”.

I think it's almost a guarantee we'll see an SX50 HS replacement, I'm not sure the G1 X will get a direct replacement though.

CES could also be a good place for the new EOS M to make an appearance, but we can't confirm that to be the case.

Remember too, that it's the Consumer Electronics Show, we generally don't see prosumer level gear getting announced.


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