Canon PowerShot G11
Canon PowerShot G11

Highly Recommended (Just)
DPReview has completed their review of the Canon PowerShot G11

“….The G11 combines some of the best compact camera image quality with excellent levels of manual control, an optical viewfinder, flip-out screen, raw capability, superb battery life, flexible lens range and the ability to mount dedicated flashguns. It may not be the smallest camera out there (in fact it's one of the largest to use such a small sensor), but, if you can live with the compromises this all-round ability brings, then there's little that can touch it.”

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I've played around with one, but not enough to give it a decent review. I know it's photographer's point and shoot, but I still wish it had at least 720p video. I guess they have to give us a reason to buy a G12 next year.

Canon does a pretty good job of not screwing up successors (there have been a couple), the G11 holds true to that standard.

$449 G11 @ Adorama
$439 G11 @ Amazon
$439 G11 @ B&H


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  1. Advertising it as a professional oriented camera opens it to comparison to cameras in other price ranges, and given dpreview compared them, I’m not alone in that idea – so you validated my point. You did not mention the quotes where they point out the m43 cameras blow the G11 away in image quality, but even here in your X1 quote VISIBLY softer than the X1 also makes my point.

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