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PowerShot GX1 [CR1]

Replacement of the SX1 IS
Received an email saying Canon would be replacing the SX1 IS with a completely different camera. The camera would be modeled around the G11 and use a CMOS based sensor. The “GX1” would also shoot 1080p video with various frame rates. All other features would be on par with the G11.

No word on whether noise would take a step back or not.

The camera would be a niche market product and carry the appropriate price tag (a big one).

Announcement near the end of January or early February.


19 responses to “PowerShot GX1 [CR1]”

  1. No thanks, i want a new body with full guarantee. Older lenses – no problem for me, but body a want new. Anyway thanks.

  2. I think it’s a bit reckless to assume that we will not see another xxD because we haven’t seen any rumors lately!

    Personally, I would like an xxD with a 15 MP chip (12 would be fine) incorporating some of the sensor technologies seen on the 7D, and still using the CF card format. Canon mentioned that these technologies would be filtering through the EOS line-up. Hopefully that includes a future xxD.

  3. The point would be the huge price difference for starters. Not everyone needs or would want to pay more for the extras the 7D gives you. Beyond the larger viewfinder, there’s isn’t too much the 7D offers me for shooting landscapes to justify a purchase. The 5D would be great, but it’s much more than I’m willing to pay for a camera right now.

    So the only logical upgrade from my 450D would be the 50D, which I’m not willing to buy as I’m disappointed in it’s high ISO performance. Especially compared to the newer T1i. So now I’m waiting on the 60D. I do hope they stick to the 15MP sensor though.

  4. I agree 100%. 15 or 12 MP would be ideal for me personally.

    If they boost it to 18MP I’ll be disappointed and may not buy it, as it won’t be ideal for shooting landscapes.

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