Canon PowerShot

PowerShot GX1 [CR1]

Replacement of the SX1 IS
Received an email saying Canon would be replacing the SX1 IS with a completely different camera. The camera would be modeled around the G11 and use a CMOS based sensor. The “GX1” would also shoot 1080p video with various frame rates. All other features would be on par with the G11.

No word on whether noise would take a step back or not.

The camera would be a niche market product and carry the appropriate price tag (a big one).

Announcement near the end of January or early February.


19 responses to “PowerShot GX1 [CR1]”

  1. 100% agree with that. 18MP will be disappointing for me too. MP decreasing + better ISO noise reduction will be fine.

  2. Could this be the same camera that was being referred to in the rumour a while back about a replacement for the Canon PowerShot Pro1, I wonder? Put the electronics of the G11 into an SX1 body/lens setup and slap a red ring on the barrel… I’d certainly be interested in that!

  3. What exactly is a point of “CR1” rumor? “New source, never heard from them before” so basically any fanboi or dreamer can have his wet dreams posted, great, makes huge sense. Lift your game CanonRumours, those sort of “rumors” really hurt what is left of the credibility of this site.

  4. It makes for conversation. The rating is so you can take it with a grain of salt. It’s CanonRumors, not CanonFacts.

  5. This could be the much awaited answer to the panny GH1. I still don’t think Canon will create another mount and their answer to m4/3 will be something like the sx series.

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