Coming announcements
What to expect from Canon as far as PowerShots go?

PowerShot G11
10mp CMOS
It will be a larger sensor, size unknown

PowerShot SX10 HD
10mp CCD
HD Video added

PowerShot Touch
A large touchscreen compact

Nothing else too exciting to report at this time.


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  1. somehow I don’t think they’d release a G11 that was not an improvement over the G10, which is by far the best in it’s class, so Canon is only topping themselves with a G11 at this point.

  2. Harold Beagle on

    T&S lcd screen, and a proper, fast (f2) lens – how much longer do canon want me to hang on to the G3?

  3. If they can just make the lens of the SX10 faster at tele it would be great. F5.7 is way too slow. A 720p HD video + at least a 1/2 stop faster lens at tele would make me buy it (and maybe some in camera cromatic aberations correction). If not, Panasonic FZ38 is my future camera (with its F4.4 at tele, and even F3.5-F4.0 at focal lenghts where the Canon has F5.0). I really want to stick to Canon, but they need to provide a little more.

  4. Larger sensor doesn’t only give the benefit of lower noise. Even if EXMOR R can produce lower noise, larger sensors would still beat it in terms of CA, Bokeh, Dynamic Range and Diffraction limits at small apperture.

    If Canon wants to introduce a large sensor P&S, I think G11 with fixed lens would be a good platform.

    I always thought that interchangeable lens is mostly hype in compact cameras. The m43 started with only 2 lenses and whatever comes after that costs a lot. I owned the G1 and EP1 before and both times I realized that in order to make full use of interchangeable capabilities, I have to invest heavily into a new system that is never going to be as good as my primary system. Besides, some of these other lenses would make the camera bigger, thus defeating the initial intention of having a second, smaller camera to complement my primary dSLR.

    Besides, the G1 and EP1 is nowhere near being pocket cameras. Now, my PnS is a true PnS in the form of f200EXR.

    If the G11 can be a compact camera with APS-C sized sensor and a decent fixed lens, eg 24-105. I think it will be enough for most purpose and still remains compact.

    Canon would also not need to worry about creating a new mount and a new set of lenses.

  5. Hej, dynamic range can be improved with sensor technology (see fuji), I suppose. You have no reason to shoot at slow apertures on a small sensor, cause you need light and you have a large DOF anyway, and diffraction comes in very fast, you are right. CA ? you mean chromatic aberrations ? Those come from the lenses ?
    Remains bokeh, which I’m no fan of anyway.
    Small sensor will continue to exist, and improve, at least because there are bridges and video cameras which need them, and compact/ultracompacts. A clean 800 ISO would be something huge on a 1/2.5′ sensor… I’m sure it will happen, but within 2 years, 5 years… Who knows.

    But so few rumors 10 days before the announcement ? Either canon hides its secrets well, or it is that bad that it’s not even worth leaking anything.

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