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PowerShot News [CR2]

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Coming announcements
What to expect from Canon as far as PowerShots go?

PowerShot G11
10mp CMOS
It will be a larger sensor, size unknown

PowerShot SX10 HD
10mp CCD
HD Video added

PowerShot Touch
A large touchscreen compact

Nothing else too exciting to report at this time.


55 responses to “PowerShot News [CR2]”

  1. They are not going to go from 14.7 MP to 10 MP on the G11. Never gonna happen, nor should it. Also, I suspect the only people wondering what the 50D would have been like at 12 MP are you and a couple of other CR readers.

  2. Hej, I agree with gusto in one way : when others (olympus, panasonic and sony) come up with inovative stuff (micro4/3 compacts and new sensor technology), canon is gonna release a G11 with what could be expected from the G9 and G10… Bigger sensor with less pixels, and that means small zoom on a compact, too, or a slow lens.
    I think the future is new sensors technology, with small sensors producing cleaner high ISOs, just because people want a bit of zoom, and not a slow F5.
    Maybe it’s also super fast autofocus and very high frame rate, but canon isn’t going there either atm.

  3. I’m no lens designer, but I’d guess that the mount part is negligible compared to the required resolving area and light gathering capabilities (not many would fancy an f/6.3-8 lens for instance. People even complained about the F/4 on the Sigma DP1).

    I don’t want to sound like such a sourpuss, but it’s just that I myself has so long hoped for a compact camera with a ‘wide-to-short tele’-zoom lens and large sensor, but come to realize that it’s probably not doable in the foreseeable future. But with some compromises it might still be interesting (narrower zoom area, smaller sensor etc).

  4. If groundbreaking changes in small or densely packed sensors can reap lots of benefits, imagine the possibilities when these changes are applied in larger sensors.

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