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PowerShots [CR1]

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I received a couple of camera specs for the upcoming powershots.

GX1 (G10 Replacement?)
– 12mp CMOS (Larger Sensor)
– HD Video (1080p)
– 5x Zoom
– ISO 50-3200
– Flash Shoe
– Similiar Ergonomics
-$599 USD

PowerShot T100 (OLED Touch Screen)
-3x Zoom
– 3″ VGA OLED Touch Screen
– HD Video (720P)
– SD Card
– Color Accent Feature
– $399 USD

More to come for sure.


29 responses to “PowerShots [CR1]”

  1. DSLR’s are much more profitable than point and shoots. Canon wants to sell a lot of them, not only for profit, but so that owners will move up to DSLR’s where the profit margin is much better. And, of course, they will buy lenses, where profits are higher yet. This is pretty well known and often commented on by experts who do financial reviews of Canon and Nikon.

  2. If they make that sensor as big or close to the 4/3 then I’m interested, otherwise, go back to the drawing board.
    How about an articulating screen?

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