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Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR

What does CR Guy See Coming?
As always, trying to predict what giant multinational corporations is going to do with product development can be hard, but I’ll give it a go.

Digital SLR
Canon needs to get back in the game as far as DSLR’s go. There is a perception that Canon has fallen behind Nikon as far as tech goes. Is it true? Maybe a little bit. There’s no reason Canon can’t be out front of Nikon, they have the resources and manufacturing capabilities to take back the crown.

1Ds Mark IV
– 32mp or higher sensor.
– Same autofocus system as 1D4
– 5fps
– New video features to separate it from the rest of the lineup.

The Rebel Line
– Two new cameras
– One camera will be 12mp and the other 18mp (Same as the 7D)
– One camera will have an articulating display
– Both cameras will have movie modes, one being better than the other.
– Ergonomic upgrades (Scrollwheel!) Maybe more of a wish than a prediction
– New chipped batteries
– Both cameras in the 3fps to 4fps range

– 18mp sensor (Same as 7D)
– 720p Video Mode @ 30fps. 1080p maybe.
– 6.3fps
– A new autofocus system based on the 7D, but less focus points.
– Missing some of the 7D bells and whistles like the electronic level.
– Smaller VF than the 7D

– This is actually a hard camera to predict. What will they leave out from the 7D?

– FF in the 16-21mp range.
– 4-6.3fps
– New sensor technology
– Same size as 5D2
– 7D Autofocus system
– 1080p movie mode, same as 5D2

EVIL (Electronic viewfinder interchangeable lenses)
There will be no Micro 4/3 style camera from Canon in 2010. If they ever get on board, they will be the last one to do so.

So that makes 5 new SLR’s in 2010. That could be far fetched, but why not? 2010 is going to be a better year for most everyone.

Part 2 (Later today)
I will focus on lenses.


84 responses to “Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR”

  1. Don’t be silly.

    Sony’s A850 hardly make a dent on DSLR sales chart. In fact, the more expensive 5D2 walks all over it. So, do you Canon cares what YOU want?

  2. Hmmm – although I’m planing to upgrade my 1D2 to a 1D4, a 3D as described above would also just be the right thing for me. Actually, I don’t need 10fps. I’d be happy if it’s 5fps or more (which killed the 5D2 for me, together with the “lean” AF). But I’d like a FF sensor for the sake of true wide angles.
    Pixel count a little on the low side, Hi-ISO performance on the high side – that’d sure be nice.

    So let’s weit and see what the future will bring. :-)

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let the 3D be a 7D with the sensor of the 5D mark I. Man that’d be a NICE camera!

  4. That wasn’t what I said. I said if they took the size shrinkable AF points from the 7D, then the 60D would need an updated viewfinder display to show the AF point size as that can’t be done with the current 50D display directly.

    Personally I wish for more AF points towards the edge regions too as they’re all concentrated in the middle on the 7D.

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