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So here we go, last predictions post and then back to the rumors (it's been quiet).

What's going on in PowerShot?
I don't think there's going to be too much revolutionary from Canon. They make the best selling compacts on earth and that probably won't change. I think we'll see a couple new models.

G Series?
The G12 will be announced next summer and will probably be about the same with the addition of HD video. Could we see a CMOS sensor added to the camera? It's possible. There's always a few “G”Mos rumors floating around.

I don't expect any large sensor G series camera.

S Series
The S90 is doing quite well for Canon and will have an incremental update next summer. HD Video most likely. I don't see a 2nd “S” series camera added to the lineup.

D Series
The D10 and it's love/hate design has been a huge success for Canon. I expect a D20 with an array of colors and HD video. The accessory kit for $100+ was a stupid idea.

I could also see an elph sized waterproof camera. Perhaps with a 3 meter rating and slim design.

SX Series
There will be an update to the SX200 that will probably be incremental. The camera has sold quite well. It needs a bit of a boost in image quality and the popup flash annoys people.

There will be an SX130 I expect, we know how I feel about that camera. Hey, it's cheap with a big zoom.

SX20 IS will get another incremental upgrade. Canon sells so many of these cameras. I can't help but think they're going to lithium battery these cameras eventually. Another chipped battery. I'm personally a AA fan for the line.

A Series
A lot of people were upset when manual controls were removed from the A series. I can see a 2100 update getting the manual controls back, but not the 1100 update.

I also expect to see an “A” series camera with an articulating screen come back. I think a lot of people missed it.

A480 update will be…. zzzz

A very popular series of cameras. I think the most creative stuff will appear here.

I can see an ELPH with the G11/S90 sensor announced soon. Perhaps with 5x zoom.

I think we're going to see a small 8x zoom camera launched sometime this year. No other large zoom ELPH camera will be introduced.

The touchscreen camera will get a facelift. It needs some more creative uses for the touchscreen like Nikon has.

The SD780 and Sd1200 will receive subtle upgrades. I could see the screen getting larger on both and the optical viewfinder removed.

As I mentioned earlier, perhaps a waterproof ELPH.

E & TX Series
I can't even wager a guess if Canon will try to resurrect these lines. I do know of a few TX1 fans. I haven't met an E1 fan. :)

I don't predict anything too crazy.

I think we'll see a 580 EX II replacement or an addition to the flash lineup above it. ETTL3 metering. I also expect a higher guide number.

I expect the cameras could receive firmware upgrades for such a flash if needed. I'd be interested to see if the 1D Mark IV has any firmware clues about a new flash.

The 430EX II and 270EX will remain current.

What the heck, I predict we'll see a GPS addon for Photokina for the EOS line. :)

This is more of a wish. I want to see DPP redone and have an interface line Aperture & Lightroom. I love the quality of files I get from DPP, I just hate using it.

That's it, that's all. Predictions done. If I hit 50% correct, I'll consider that a success.

Enjoy 2010 and good look in all your photography endeavours.



  1. Hi,

    There are more news of new powershot G12 or 13… a date? PLEASE !!!! I don’t find nothing of news about that… :-(

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