There have been a lot of good suggestions in our forum on what we may see tomorrow. I think most are wishing for some new EOS or Cinema EOS products, but I don't think that'll be happening.

I think that new box logo in the teaser is the important piece. I haven't seen it used for any other product or service in the past, if you have, please let me know where it was used. The logo does have a “business” feel to it and we're probably gearing up for a new line of business imaging products.

Some background on the See Impossible domains from our forum
“Totally random info. just to make the rumor mill buzz… I did a search for “Canon see impossible” and discovered that, and were all initiated about a year ago.  They just happen to be hosted on the same server as!?  Probably just coincidence as there are about 4000 sites hosted there.  IP Address: , brings up the same page as the link.  The page seems to have just recently gone live.  While I was searching, the host that had been reported as being in British Virgin Islands, switched to a U.S. site.”

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