Hybrid DSLR's
A new remote(s) for Hybrid DSLRs is apparently going to be available this summer.

It's definitely a needed accessory for a lot of folks.



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  1. Nikon Dude (not a troll) on

    I am, I’m typing very softly here.

    I can even hear my AF not being a joke.

  2. Nikon Dude (not a troll) on

    Besides, any camera Canon produces has high iso noise that renders detail impossible to see

    and i have a small weener

  3. Nikon Dude (not a troll) on

    You would, wouldn’t you?!

    Like a Canon user is all over the 5DII’s joke AF.


  4. Matthew Johnson on

    So will these remotes replace the current TC 80n3? Or be something different. I tried to buy a TC 80n3 from B&H and they say they are unable. Are they phasing them out?

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