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Reader Remarks – 1Ds Mark III vs 5D Mark II

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From Bill Wadman
Like I’ve said in the past, I love write ups by real people. This is a good quick read.

Thanks Bill

Just curious…. how many people cover the “Canon” badge on their cameras?

I’m going to give away one more T-Shirt. This one is simple, send me a great photo… just one. Best photo gets the T-Shirt.

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Try to keep the images under 1024px H & W. I’ll post the winning shot here with your contact info and a link to your photos if you’d like.


12 responses to “Reader Remarks – 1Ds Mark III vs 5D Mark II”

  1. The only thing I tape is the read/write light. With that and preview mode off it is less distracting for a when I shoot dark shows.

    Speaking of straps, I gave my new 5DmkII strap away. I found a Nikon strap that came with a pair of binoculars I bought and attached it to the 5DmkII : )

    Personally I prefer a hand strap, but not with a 70-200 2.8 IS attached

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