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Real or Not? *UPDATE*

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From a Korean Web Site

7D 300x224 - Real or Not? *UPDATE*
Canon 7D?

I can’t tell if it’s real or fake. Photoshop gurus?


*UPDATE* Best Buy Info
The information we posted previously from the Best Buy inventory system has proven to be true in regards to the PowerShot line. The S90 was not an obvious model name, so the 7D’s chances of being real has gone up.

The information nailed the G11, SX20, SX120 and S90.

PowerShot Announcements Below!


291 responses to “Real or Not? *UPDATE*”

  1. For the Logics somethings els now:
    Why 7D ???
    Ok, let’s count the future editions: 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 10D???
    Oops, I have a 20D (already!). And I am looking for a good 2nd hand 40D (since the 50D ended up in a kind of marketing failure). I hope that Canon will be back right on track with the 60D.

    Actually, at this stage the improvements and the innovative moves should come from the lens corner. Find a way to make L-lenses become at least 50% less expensive.

  2. Correct. There is a problem with the lighting/shadows. And if you look very closely, you can see that the rubber-gap around the logo is photoshopped. The logo itself looks like a cutout from a Minolta Dynax. The picture is 100% fake – but a very well done fake.

  3. […] 特にパーツからみて5Dのようなスペックではあるが、画素数が低く、ファインダーの率は高くはないが、その分ストロボがあるみたいな…このロゴとか、このトップパーツとかね。わくわくしてます。あくまでもキヤノソは僕の戻れるところですからね。キヤノソを手にして「ごめんよオリンパソ…僕にはもどれる所があるんだ…こんなに嬉しいことはない」と言うことですねwガノタ […]

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