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Rebates & Cashbacks

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There’s a cash back program in Japan on the 50D. Save about $220 on a 50D with an 18-200 and $125 on a 50D with a 17-85.

No rebates to announce yet, I can’t remember the last time Canada didn’t have a rebate program in the summer months.

There’s an instant rebate on the T1i at the moment with multiple lens kits. Saving a few dollars anyway.

thanks jose


10 responses to “Rebates & Cashbacks”

  1. I bought a 24-105 L yesterday at 1 of the biggest camerashops of the Netherlands, and they were pretty sure that there will be no cash backs in the near future here.

  2. Of course the salesperson denied the possibility of a cashback coming to the Netherlands/Europe soon, because:
    a) he doesn’t know.
    b) he was afraid he would lose his sale, since you might postpone your purchase.

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