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Rebel Featureset & More

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Jog Wheel
One source swears the new Rebel will get a jog wheel.

Bounce Flash
A few emails have come in claiming the new Rebel will have a bounce flash on top. Wishful thinking? It appeared previously for a Nikon D5000 rumor. I don’t see Canon busting out a radical departure in the world of camera top flashes.

Articulating Screen
Everyone I ask says not to expect one on the new Rebel. They’d rather the large 3″ VGA screen.

I think it’d be a great idea to add one. A lot of people are pretty passionate about having one. Perhaps remove it and movie mode on the Rebel XS successor.

The next “G” camera will be CMOS sensor based.

“You will see an announcement before you think.”

That’s it for now.


50 responses to “Rebel Featureset & More”

  1. Swivel screen like on the older Canon Powershot G1-G5. A good feature, and very versitile, would like one on a Canon, but won’t switch to another if they have one…

  2. You mean the camera that it is rumoured will be announced next week and that may not actually exist? Probably by June.

  3. Most modern camcorders have an articulating screen. You know, the LCD panel that flips out and twists around. You can also flip them back with the screen facing the camera body, so the screen is easy to protect.

  4. swivel screen is a turn off in my world…

    im about to get a rebel for my gf and i would love it to have bounce flash and jog wheel… but if it has swivel screen i will not buy it

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