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Rebel T1i Video – CNET

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canont1i 300x168 - Rebel T1i Video - CNET
T1i Screencap

Here’s a video about the new Rebel from CNET.

The video appears to have been pulled, but it was available below.

The screencap came from:


28 responses to “Rebel T1i Video – CNET”

  1. If this is seriously all that they’re doing then five bucks says the 60D later this year will have 1080p @ 30fps and that’s about it for changes.

  2. not sure if anyone was looking at anything except the body, but was there any notice of what lens was on this? i know there was talk of possibly a new kit lens coming.

  3. As a creator of Earth, I can confirm this rumor is real. You can see it for yourselves tomorrow.

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