The folks at Kerrisdale Cameras in Victoria, British Columbia have T2i w/18-55 IS kits in stock.


They're selling them for $999.92

I can't yet find them on their site, but I assume they just arrived today.

B&H is now out of stock.

My Mistake
Body only is not yet in stock at B&H.

This camera is going to be extremely popular and it's available already. B&H has the T2i in stock and ready to ship.

Buy a T2i w/18-55 Here $899

I will have a review started by the weekend as these things trickle into Canada. I have a video guy that's going to help out with that aspect of the camera. Give us a couple of weeks to get the review done.

In Canada, this camera comes with the 18-135 IS as well. I have yet to see that kit available in the US. That's the lens we'll be reviewing the camera with, as I have never actually touched one.


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  1. Leo’s in Vancouver has kits and body only in stock as of yesterday. Picked mine up last weekend from Broadway Camera. They only had kits no body only yet.

  2. Will, you rock. thanks for posting the link. This place is the only place I found it in stock. Ordered online and shipped.

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