Some technical goodies
DXO Mark has posted some text results of the sensor in a pre production Rebel T2i/550D.

Take it for what it's worth.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that things are about on par with the 7D, outside of ISO performance.


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  1. where is the dxo chart where they test canon sensors and they turn out to be #1? i bet there is a way to test it that way. what? now manufacturers are going to make cameras to get better on an unfounded dxo test? that is what they did to pcs and you know what? macs are always better. Funny thing is- all the 1080p video that is being captured- consumers have no way of burning it to DVDs, only to Bluray, but the fact is, there is no affordable bluray burners out yet!!! only toast (for mac) can burn 1080p to a dvd to play your HD video. welcome to the beginning! you think video on an slr is a fad? ask any wedding photographer what is changing the industry and also budding indie filmakers… they’re all using canon.

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