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Rebel T2i/550D Pre Production on DXO

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Some technical goodies
DXO Mark has posted some text results of the sensor in a pre production Rebel T2i/550D.

Take it for what it’s worth.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that things are about on par with the 7D, outside of ISO performance.


91 responses to “Rebel T2i/550D Pre Production on DXO”

  1. there is some trickery here at the dxo site- of course you can get great high ISO low noise results- just reduce the output (or saturation) of the sensor at high ISO. guess what? no/less noise. if that is built into the hardware, then we are all fooled and you have the run all the tests over. dxo obviously has no controls whatsoever. they dont measure which sensor is better- they measure the output after hardware processing. nikon recently can process out the chromatic abberations on their lenses and will process the noise, too. and so, it is all about the processing. one day, the processor will be so fast, so good, you couldn’t tell what the sensor was doing anyways. just like the popular photography tests in the old days- take it all with a grain of salt because if dxo is right, my old 20d is just nearly as good as a 4th gen camera.

  2. by the way, kenrockwell is an idiot. he has been pandering about his newfound leica for over a year and then he realizes nobody gives a crap about that stuff unless youre a rich guy like him making money off schmucks like me visiting his website. before that, he was gushing about using film and that nikon was god and he only needed his 18-200vr for everything. once in a blue moon, he’ll mention canon and put an amazon link on it. use your stuff- you’re getting old and stale and so is your equipment. this new stuff doesnt matter if you only shoot 100 shots all year.

  3. all digital photo stuff is great these days- a sunny day shot from a point and shoot can be enlarged 30×40 and still look great- ive done it. its all about what is appropriate. if you can afford a 5d mark ii, then buy it. if you like the weight and size of a rebel, then get it. ive had all the L lenses ever made, but after i got married, 90% of it was sitting on the shelf, so im down to using the latest rebels and 5 odd lenses and you know what? i still print 30×40 and shoot weddings when im invited. if i had more time, i would get the probodies in a pinch, but its overkill for me. like getting a hummer to go to the supermarket.

  4. youre the kind of photographer that grew up in the internet age, where you dont even need a 2MP camera to upload pictures onto the internet. i bet you never printed anything outside of walgreens and costco and that you commute in a leased bmw and live in condo or large house in the burbs.

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