Hello New Rebel
Canon Canada has started instant DEALER rebates on the Rebel XSi. The rebate runs from March 16, 2009 to June 30, 2009. Dealers don't have to pass these savings onto the consumer, but they almost always do.

The rebates promote dual lens kits.

$50 savings if you buy an XSi w/18-55 IS & 55-250 IS.

$25 savings if you buy an XSi w/18-55 IS & 75-300.

These rebates are as awesome as the Canon USA ones currently running.


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  1. XRi is the only one that follows any sort of logic… but then again the whole “X(random capital letter)i” naming convention is pretty mysterious to begin with.

  2. hey, Canon’s not the only ones…just look at leatherman that’s got Charge AL, ALX, Ti, XTi, TTi etc!

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