We’re excited to announce FoCal 2.5 for Windows and Mac is ready for release! Canon’s newest dSLR camera the EOS 6D Mark II is now fully supported within FoCal along with the Nikon D7500 (Nikon D850 news below). In addition we’ve made some good improvements within FoCal, including a new Target Distance Tool, no need to visit the website to determine required target distances. As well as news about upcoming D850 support we’ll also provide details on where we are with High Sierra support below.

FoCal 2.5 Key Features

New Features

  • Full Canon EOS 6D Mark II support added – calibrate this camera automatically (hands free mode) with FoCal
  • Full Nikon D7500 support added – calibrate this camera automatically (user assisted mode) with FoCal
  • New integrated Target Distance Tool – determine required target distance without leaving FoCal


The following enhancements and fixes are included with FoCal 2.5

  • Improvement to Canon support to make taking shots more reliable
  • Improvement to Canon and Nikon camera connection on Mac
  • Update to metadata analyser for better camera/lens recognition
  • Lots of internal improvements to support future updates

Canon EOS 6D Mark 2 Fully Supported (hands free mode)

This release brings full support for the Canon 6D Mark II.

The 6D Mark II runs in Hands Free Mode, calibration is completely automated with no input from the user during the calibration process (see video showing the 5D Mark II running “hands free mode” to get an idea of what’s involved).

New: Target Distance Tool

The new Target Distance Tool within FoCal means no need to visit the FoCal website to look up a suitable target distance (before 2.5 that meant loading up the online Target Distance Tool)

The Target Distance Tool can be found under the “Tools” tab within FoCal 2.5:

macOS High Sierra Support Status

As it stands, FoCal 2.5 (and earlier releases) will not control any cameras when running on High Sierra based systems.

macOS High Sierra (10.13) is now officially released. We have already been working with beta releases of macOS High Sierra and hope to add support for this new operating system in the next FoCal release.

There will be a fully working version of FoCal for High Sierra, exact timescale is harder to predict but we expect this to happen soon.

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