FoCal 2.0 is ready for prime time, we’re excited to release FoCal 2.0 to users and believe it’s the most stable, easiest to use and provides the most accurate calibrations of any version of FoCal to date. Development and testing have put in a huge amount of time to re-write and re-design much of the underlying software as well as updates to the user interface to make FoCal more user friendly.

A host a new features and enhancements to existing features mean that FoCal 2.0 is the most comprehensive way to test and calibrate autofocus on modern Canon and Nikon dSLRs available.

FoCal 2 Headline Features

  • Compare your results with other FoCal users – with FoCal 2, you can now compare the results of your tests with the results from thousands of other FoCal users to see how your equipment is really performing. Pro only feature, this area is one we expect to expand on in future FoCal releases.
  • Review your previous tests – you can review the detailed results of previous tests you’ve run for comparison. This includes most of the tests you’ve run with FoCal 1 as well. Pro only feature
  • Improved Reports – the reports are now more concise, grouping relevant information together and showing more information that matters. Pro only feature
  • Faster Results – get accurate results in less time with the new analysis algorithms in FoCal 2. FoCal Plus and Focal Pro both benefit from the same improved Automatic Focus Calibration processing.
  • More Information – dig deeper into the performance of your camera and lens with extra information, as well as reviewing more details about each shot taken. FoCal Plus inherits the “Lens Profile” graph display from Focal Pro to make it easier for users to understand what’s happening during the calibration process. FoCal Pro has the following extra information available during calibration, Historic Results, Focus Consistency, Astigmatism Factor, Result Convergence and Image Motion.
  • User Interface Improvements – the user interface is easier to understand, with new tabbed windows, more logical operation and comprehensive keyboard control.
  • Voice Prompts – FoCal 2 even talks to you! Calibrate any camera without needing to sit looking at the computer screen, changes you might need to make at the camera are spoken out loud.
    Free Upgrade – FoCal 2.0 is a free upgrade for all FoCal 1 license holders, so there’s nothing more to pay to get all these new features!

FoCal 2 Mac Specific Improvements

  • No Mono Framework Install – FoCal 2 for Mac is now a standalone application with no requirement to install any third party frameworks. Easier installation for users and it’s impossible to install an untested version of Mono!
    Digital Signing and Easy Install – FoCal 2 for Mac is now fully digitally signed and the install is graphically guided (just drag and drop from the DMG file!).
  • Huge focus on reliability – A lot of the work on getting FoCal 2 for Mac ready has been in improving reliability and stability. Changes to the internal code structure, a new development tool chain and extensive pre-release testing.
    No need to select camera manufacturer – gone is the need to choose between Canon and Nikon before connecting a camera.

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