Lensrentals.com has posted a great article about the damage done to rented camera gear that occurred during the 2017 solar eclipse in North America. They did figure they'd get some damaged gear back, and they did, but the type of damage may surprise some.

First up, wrecked sensors. This is something you'd expect, as lots of people didn't heed the bevy of warnings about using eclipse filters. The second type of damage that surprised us was melted aperture blades in lenses. Also showing damage, was built-in ND filters on some video cameras. So if you're paying attention, ND filters aren't protection from the sun, that's why they make special filters for that.

Be sure to head over to Lensrentals.com to read the full article and check out the images of dead gear.

For anyone that is going to rent some gear for the eclipses in the future, please pay attention to the safety warnings, as it will save you a lot of money in the end.

**Yes, we realize that the eclipse doesn't do the damage, it's the sun. However, people don't tend to point their cameras directly at the regular old sun without the moon in front of it.

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