Andy Westlake at Amateur Photographer has completed his review of the Canon EOS 5DS R camera body. They came away quite impressed by the image quality and especially the detail available when using good lenses.

A lot of people are wondering about the dynamic range from the production camera, and Amateur Photographer measured it at 12.4 stops at ISO 100, with performance decreasing beyond ISO 400.

There’s little doubt that the Canon EOS 5DS R is one of the most impressive cameras we’ve ever seen. With its 50.6MP sensor, robust build, and reliable metering and autofocus, it’s sure to become a favourite with working photographers for whom ultimate resolution really matters. Indeed, with 20% higher linear resolution than 36MP cameras, it lays down the gauntlet to Sony and Nikon to play catch-up again, although it would be naive to expect this to take long.

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