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Review: Canon EOS 6D Mark II by TDP

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The-Digital-Picture has completed their review of the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, and came away pretty impressed overall. While it’s not a perfect camera body, the image quality is great as far as noise and color go, but we’re all disappointed we didn’t get a dynamic range performance bump.

From TDP:

The 6D Mark II did not impress me with its AI Servo AF capabilities, its dynamic range is only adequate and I’m not a fan of the 8-way multi-controller. But, the image quality benefits, especially color and noise levels, of Canon’s full frame CMOS sensors are big, while the footprint of the 6D II remains small – as does, probably most importantly, the relative impact on your wallet. Expectations were that the 6D Mark II would deliver very impressive image quality and rapidly hit the most-popular list. It has delivered on expectations. Read the full review

I still haven’t used the EOS 6D Mark II enough to give my final verdict to folks, but I do like the camera so far.

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