Dustin has completed our review of the Canon EOS 80D, a DSLR that was announced with very little fanfare, but just may be the best APS-C camera Canon has ever made, apologies to the EOS 7D Mark II. I liked the 7D Mark II, but I love the 80D and shoot with a fair bit.

While there were a number of people that looked at the announcement of the 80D and said, “yawn”, I have yet to hear from anyone who has used the camera who didn’t love it. It is more camera in the field than it is on paper, and the key word that I and others are using of it is versatility. It just seems to be pretty much good at everything. It handles well, has great image quality, and is generally a joy to shoot with. The upgraded AF system makes it a viable competitor to the 7DII, though that camera should probably still be the ultimate choice for sports or wildlife shooters. But the Canon EOS 80D is the jack of all trades, good enough at everything to make many owners very happy. Read the full review

Canon EOS 80D Body: B&H Photo | Amazon | Adorama | Canon Store

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