Bryan over at The-Digital-Picture has completed his review of Canon's latest entry level mirrorless camera, the EOS M100.

From TDP:

From an exciting brand-new features perspective, the Canon EOS M100 is going to turn few heads. However, the existing features packaged into this tiny camera combined with a very-attractive price will.

Among the most-attracted to the M100 will be those misled by promises of great image quality from their phones or simply those growing dissatisfied by the same. Once phone images are viewed on a full-sized monitor or otherwise used to create modestly large prints, most will likely be disappointed, discovering that the purported great image quality doesn't meet their own definition. The large, high resolution APS-C format imaging sensor in the M100 will, especially in low light, far surpass the abilities of any mobile phone in existence. Read the full review

Canon has produced another winning mirrorless camera, now if we only had more lenses to choose from.

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