Keith over at Northlight has completed his exhaustive review of the Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000 17″ printer. This is a printer I am personally considering, along with the offerings from Epson.

From Northlight:

The images I produced on the range of papers look great, both colour and B&W – I took the chance to print out much of my architectural and commercial portfolio images at A3+ size, where the general vibrance and colour quality is something I'm happy to use to promote aspects of my photography business.

The new ink set, with the gloss coat pushes the depth and intensity of prints to levels where it's definitely the skill of the photographer that's more likely to limit the quality of the print. If your images are great, then your prints can match them. Read the full review

It looks like Canon has improved a lot of the weaknesses with the Pro-1, a printer I used to own and never loved.

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