Chris at DPReviewTV has completed his review of the Canon PowerShot Zoom, a unique camera (or “device” as Chris calls it). This camera is shaped like a monocular and has 35mm equivalent focal lengths of 100mm or 400mm lens, but nothing in between. You can also go into a digital zoom mode and bring the reach to 800mm.

This looks like a cool gadget to pair with a smartphone or to use as a viewing too instead of binoculars or dedicated monoculars.

There is some good and bad with the PowerShot Zoom, so check out the full review above.

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  1. I and embarrassed to admit I bought this on impulse and sorry I did. Only useful, if that is even an appropriate word for it, in really bright conditions. I do have it in my coast pocket for any bird opportunities on our daily walks but I am yet to use it.
  2. I preordered one. While the IQ was as expected for the price, my issue was that my large hands had a difficult time holding it. It just kept slipping out of them. I never dropped it, but I felt uncomfortable and decided I'd never use it. I sent it back after a week or two.

    The tiny sensor did require that the scene be bright to reduce noise. I now have a Galaxy S21 Ultra. I'd say its good at 10X. At 100X, its not much use.

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