The most talked about product from Canon at NAB was the XC10 camera, both for good and bad reasons. I have been on the fence about the XC10 and decided to wait for some reviews.

Cinema5D has posted a first impressions review with footage from the Canon XC10.

From Johnnie Behiri:

All in all I would expect a market leader like Canon to deliver a more solid product especially when the price tag is so high for what it is. I can sum up that working with the XC10 was simply tiring for me. Too much menu fiddling and “worries” about staying in focus but hey, who said that the way to produce nice looking images should be easy ….

This review is not a glowing puff piece, it's a pretty negative look at what was initially perceived as a strange product from Canon, especially when the $2499 USD price tag is considered.

Read the full review | Preorder the Canon XC10 at B&H Photo

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