I don't think anyone does printer reviews better than Keith over at Northlight Images, and his review of the Epson SureColor P5000 continues his tradition of easy to read and thorough reviews of printers.

I am personally in the market for a printer, and it's always tough choosing between Canon (loyalty) and Epson (great quality). If you're in the market for a 17″ printer, I think you should definitely add the P5000 to your shortlist.

From Northlight:

As with the Epson P7000 I tested last year, the ink set with its additional orange and green inks, and range of greys, gives excellent prints with smooth gradations. It’s easy to profile, and even the ‘canned’ profiles provided are much better than you used to get with printers (mainly due to modern printers being much more consistent and linear).

For want of repeating myself, if you can’t make great prints with the P5000, then I’m afraid the problem is far more likely to be with your own skill levels (I apply this to myself as well…) Read the full review

The Epson P5000 is available at B&H Photo

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