Dustin has completed the Canon Rumors review of the Samyang (Rokinon) 21mm f/1.4 for EF-M. As we all know, the EOS M lens lineup is severely lacking and even third party manufacturers have been slow in developing lenses for the system. Samyang and launched a couple of lenses for the EF-M mount and Dustin has reviewed the fast wide angle for the system.

From Dustin:

The EOS M system really has nothing to compare these lenses to. To date Canon has made only one EF-M prime lens – the 22mm f/2 STM. It is an excellent lens, but also isn’t particularly fast (in terms of its aperture size). I also noted when comparing these lenses that the Rokinon was in another class optically. As a result there are basically no price comparison points for these lenses amongst the Canon EF-M lenses (and both of these lenses are currently more expensive than any of the native Canon lenses). If we look to the other mirrorless mounts we find a broad range of prices. In Sony or Fuji mounts there are both some budget primes (inevitably with both smaller apertures and weaker optical performance) that undercut these lenses in price, while the more serious competitors (with competitive apertures) are invariably much more expensive (the Zeiss options in the Sony E-mount are most obvious). Most, but not all, of these lenses do include autofocus, and a few even have an image stabilizer of some kind. I would conclude that the Rokinon lenses are coming in at prices that are appropriate; relative bargains to their competitors while offering optical performance that can compete with or exceed any of them. Read the full review

We are expecting some big things for the EOS M lineup over the next 6-8 months.

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