Fred Miranda has completed his review of the Sony A7R camera body using Canon EF lenses.

I am currently shooting with the Sony A7R and I have been extremely impressed by this little gem. The 2 native Sony/Zeiss lenses I have for the camera, the 35 f/2.8 and the 55 f/1.8 have both been terrific.

Fred takes the review from the side of a Canon shooter and using Canon EF lenses along with the A7R for landscape work. If you want a high megapixel camera for your Canon lenses, this may be the camera for you.

Says Fred
“After a few days below sea-level in Death Valley, it's always nice to come back home to capture a sunset by the pier in San Clemente. Watching the sky turn my favorite shade through the golden light, I still can't believe the images churning out of this Sony A7R. Don't let its size fool you, this baby packs a punch. For Canon photographers interested in landscape or studio photography, it's a non-brainer. Combining this body with your arsenal of high quality Canon glass, makes for an unstoppable team.”

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