The Death of PMA? Canon will not be attending in 2010.
PMA is all but dead in Canada, the writing is on the wall for the US as well. Canon USA has confirmed they won't be attending the trade show. All we're going to have left is Photokina in Germany.

From PDN Gear Guide
Canon USA has confirmed to PDN Gear Guide that the company will not be attending the PMA 2010 trade show in Anaheim, CA in February.

“Yes, Canon U.S.A. has decided not to participate in the PMA 2010 Trade Show,” Melissa Dara Moritz, Canon USA's Public Relations manager, told PDN Gear Guide in an email message.

Moritz did not elaborate in her message but we expect to get more details from Eliott Peck, Canon USA's Sales Director & Assistant General Manager, in an interview later today.

The word from Canon confirms a web report from Amateur Photographer magazine which was among the first to report that the imaging giant will not be attending the the PMA 2010.

An official from PMA also confirmed the news to PDN Gear Guide.

“Yes, Canon has chosen not to exhibit at PMA 2010 in Anaheim,” said PMA spokesperson Tom Crawford. “We continue to have a good relationship with Canon, as a valued PMA member, and look forward to their participation in our many events around the world.”

Amateur Photographer's report quotes an unnamed “spokeswoman” for Canon USA who confirms that the company has “made the decision not to attend the PMA trade show in 2010.”

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Jessops Saved…. For Now
Struggling camera retailer Jessops is undertaking a restructuring that it says will save the company.

It said that it would reorganise so that its biggest creditor, HSBC, owned 47% of the company, with the rest owned by pension and employee trusts.

HSBC will, in return, forgive £34m of debt that Jessops owes it.

Jessops said the restructuring would protect the about 2,000 employees of the company, and will allow it to compensate its current shareholders.

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7D in the USA
I have yet to see the 7D in stock anywhere in the US, it must be coming any moment now.


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  1. what would’v happened if they released two. they could’v saved some of the pixels of the 7D for the camera that hasnt been announced today! 2 9MP cameras, that would ve been great.

  2. Canon will be represented at CES as well, from the 7-10th of January, Q1 2010.

    There are indications that Canon will, then, release any new products, like the recently discussed 1D MKIV and even a possibility of a 1Ds MKIV.

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