I have been told that Canon is actively working on a new RF mount cinema style camera. This RF mount camera we are told will be a new product.

The same source claims that this new camera could take the spot in the Cinema EOS lineup of the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II.

The new camera design language could be similar to the XC series of cameras, small and easy to use.

By the sounds of it, they're developing a camera to see what the market demand is for an RF mount video camera.

I also expect to see more video-focused RF lenses announced in the next 12-18 months.

More to come…

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  1. Wow, Canon FD lenses on cinema cameras possible ... and EF lenses with ONE 4 ... 500 ND filter using the corresponding EF RF adapter.
    EDIT: And video related lenses for my EOS RP :) Some 50-200 f/4 would be great !
  2. Bummer that this means the C300 III will probably still be EF, but excited that this is coming. And a small-ish, 100/XC-15 style camera for RF mount would be great.
  3. I hope they go all in FF and ditch their S35 cine cam offerings. Even being a C200 owner myself.
    If it's a FF 6K sensor it could have a sweet 4K S35 crop and that's it.
    RF should be for FF and cine cams are moving to that direction
  4. They need to solve things in the engineering department. ND's+IBIS+RF mount in one package.
    Global shutter would be nice too especially for being able to trigger speedlights. Am I so futuristic?
    CRL (Canon raw light) ala R3D or Braw would be welcomed too, the sidecar features are next level to sync settings between apps.
    I'm not just asking for this C100 replacement, maybe for a C200 or C300 RF replacement
  5. Seems strange that both the C500 II and C300 III (which will be their relevant high-end cinema cameras (not counting the strange C700) for the next 4+ years), don't have an RF Mount option. They have put so much time and attention into making beautiful RF lenses, they really need to get these onto a cinema camera.

    Perhaps a C100 or C200 model makes the most sense for RF Mount, but something compact and powerful with at least 10-bit 4k that has internal NDs and XLRs would be good. Basically a 10-bit 4k, 60-120fps 4k, C100 with RF Mount.
  6. Nothing wrong going RF mount, it maintains compatibility with all existing EF mount lenses with an inexpensive adapter. And gives you the option of lots of other lenses with adapters, too.

    “FF”/LF for motion/video isn’t necessary or wanted for everything. There are times when s35 makes the job way harder than necessary.
  7. While RF is certainly the future of Canon, we're now staring down the barrel of another Great Depression, and I can't see myself starting over and pouring money into RF at this stage. As much as I want to make that transition, I'm switching into money saving mode now. The job market could be extremely slim for years and if I can complete a job with the bare minimum, then that's what I'm going to do. While I'd love to jump into the new RF system, I can't justify it. I have a full set of EF L glass, in both primes and zooms, and I get great results from them. My clients can't tell the difference between EF and RF. I really wish Canon had moved into RF years ago, back when Sony went mirrorless. I would have been fully converted by now. They waited too long and now we're entering a new economic reality.

    This is the chart that convinced me that it's time to save every dollar. All these people are going to be flooding the job market. With so many unemployed, spending will be down and so will revenue. Marketing budgets will be cut. We aren't feeling it now because we're still in shock and reeling from covid-19. But in a few months, it's going to become painfully obvious that there is simply no work. And there will be very stiff competition for the few jobs that are out there...

    Unless you are independently wealthy, be smart with any equipment purchases you make going forward! This is going to take years to recover from.
  8. Who would this be targeted at? Bottom line this smells like it will be as niche as the RA. Why would Canon go there these days when hybrids are where they are? BMD is just crushing it with the BMPCC in this form factor at a crazy price. At the same time Canon is trying to convince every one they should be paying Leica prices for their stuff? If I am looking for some thing disposable to strap to the outside of a car there are allready lots of choices. If I am paying RF glass prices I probably allready own a hybrid that will do every thing this will and I am not looking for a toy body. I am confused.
  9. As someone who has flown the XC10 as a C300/C100 small gimbal-mounted C-cam, I'm ready for an interchangeable lens 4k-6k hi framerate-DPAF version that lets me use RF and EF glass. Long as its not at a C100 Mk II price tier.

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