Canon Cinema EOS Rumors

RF mount cinema camera is in the works, but it won’t arrive any time soon. [CR1]

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As we get closer to NAB next month, we seem to be seeing an influx of cinema-related information. With new PL mount prime lenses coming, along with a new CN-E 100mm lenses and rumored cinema cameras and camcorders, this show could turn out to be a big one for Canon.

We’re told that an RF mount cinema camera is in the works, which is a pretty obvious direction for Canon to take. We’re told that the form factor(s) being developed could make the RF mount cinema camera relatively unique in the space, though what this means wasn’t articulated to us.

We were also told not to expect such a product until 2020 at the earliest and that it would probably come later than that.

The Canon EXPO is in 2020, so we may get some hints about what’s coming for the RF mount within the cinema lineup.


Oct 19, 2017
oh no! if there is going to be a cinema RF line then Canon will continue crippling the video features of EOS R series.
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EOS M6 Mark II
Apr 24, 2013
They'll delay it as long as possible, to avoid giving users a lower cost/more flexible video solution to keep pushing sales of 4K ones as long as possible