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SigZilla Field Test

juza handholding sigma 200 500 2 8 150x150 - Ridiculous is Always Cool
SigZilla | 200-500 f/2.8

This is a field test from the Juza Nature Photography web site. It’s definitely funny and cool at the same time.

Juza Conclusion
“Overall, the image quality is of Sigma 200-500 f/2.8 is good for such an extreme lens, even though it is far from easy to get the best from this lens: at f/2.8 the depth of field is very shallow, and the focus must be perfect…even an error of few centimeters may make the difference between a sharp photo and an out of focus photos.”

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20 responses to “Ridiculous is Always Cool”

  1. Anyone Canadian’s who are interested in seeing this lens, Sigma usually brings one to the Henry’s Photographic digital imaging show (or whatever they call it these days), that’s held in Mississauga.

    But the lens itself is a beast. I wonder how many people (if any?) have actually bit the bullet, and bought one.

  2. I would buy it if it was white. Honestly. If I could pass it for an Canon L-lens I would just buy for no other reason than I can afford it (not that I need it in any way, shape or form). But come on, honestly, no IS/VR/OS on that monster?!

  3. that sure is a nice model… to bad when you check out the full jpegs you start seeing the mushiness, the blatant CA… yea, I know its an extreme lens, but frankly get a 500/4 IS and you get amazing IQ with IS that make up for the 1 stop slower aperture (in most case)…. oh yea, you also save about 20k USD and about 27lbs (and by proxy a trip to the chiropractor)… this thing is a toy for those who have way too much money… you know, the gold plate toilet type

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