Where is my Rebel T2?
A few people have pointed out that Canon has removed all their film bodies from their site other than the EOS-1v

Shocked? I am!



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  1. Those who say film cameras don’t sell don’t know what their talking about. I sold 2 used Canon EOS-1V 35mm bodies – one for $750, and the second for $800. It took a little while, but no problem.

  2. This camera is spectacular! It is so easy to use, takes the absolute best pictures and it’s super fun to use. I’ve read people complaining about the lens cap, it clicks on fine, no problems. The flash works great, if you want more light in low light conditions, buy another flash. The fact that I can record video and then take pictures and zoom in while recording is terrific, I’ve used that a lot. My favorite camera, I LOVE IT!!

  3. wow you are so awesome because you noticed first! you are an amazing person, it’d be great if we all visited every site every day and could keep up on stuff as well as your majesty. condesending ahole.

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