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Rob Galbraith Speaks Again – 1D/1Ds Mark III AF

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Mr Galbraith says “No, it’s not better”.

I stopped reading his reports about the 1D/1Ds autofocus issues after I couldn’t replicate them. 300 2.8’s, 500 f/4’s, telelconverters… I couldn’t make the camera AF as poor as he claims it does. I have no idea what to think really.

Here’s his report anyway.


25 responses to “Rob Galbraith Speaks Again – 1D/1Ds Mark III AF”

  1. He’s just attention grabbing because Vincent LaForet has gotten all the Canon attention since the 5D2 came out.

  2. There are actually two real questions:

    Who IS Rob Galbraith ? (Honestly, he may be a “famous” photographer but… a famous unknown).

    And more importantly:

    Who CARES about Rob Galbraith opinion ? If he is such a good photographer and is not able to get the best of his camera…

    “Tools are always too bad for bad worker” used to say my father.

  3. Agree or disagree there is nothing wrong with someone driving a company to produce a better tool for us to buy. There are way to many companies that put out crap that dosent work (microsoft) but are simply to big to care about the consumer problems. Canon has been great in how they have addressed these problems as well as the 5DII’s shortcomings.

  4. “There are way to many companies that put out crap that dosent work”

    I think it is too much talking about the Canon 1D and for a problem nobody else has been able to reproduce…

    And if you think a company is not listening to you or selling good products, you can always go to its concurrent, and Nikon is here for that.

    PS: Concerning Microsoft, I switched to Mac and as I am not the only one… they had to take it into account for Windows Seven. If people stop buying Canon, Canon will listen. However, at the moment, I see NO reason not to buy Canon products.

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