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Rob Galbraith Speaks Again – 1D/1Ds Mark III AF

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Mr Galbraith says “No, it’s not better”.

I stopped reading his reports about the 1D/1Ds autofocus issues after I couldn’t replicate them. 300 2.8’s, 500 f/4’s, telelconverters… I couldn’t make the camera AF as poor as he claims it does. I have no idea what to think really.

Here’s his report anyway.


25 responses to “Rob Galbraith Speaks Again – 1D/1Ds Mark III AF”

  1. At least on 30D the s*** happens at around 24mm. At 200mm I couldn’t fault it for accuracy.

  2. Why the personal attacks?

    It doesn’t matter who Rob Galbraith is or how good a photographer he is in the real world. What matters is if his tests/evidence to support his claims are logical and valid. Obviously there is a lot of debate about this, but that is where the debate should be focused. In any case, he’s not the only one who observed strange behaviour with the III shooting specific types of subjects under certain conditions and therefore he’s not the only one with evidence to support these claims.

    At least he actually used the cameras, as opposed to many forum and blog commenters who don’t even own, let alone have even used one.

  3. Well if you take people’s names out and look at how how Canon is/has handled the situation you see,

    There is NO problem then, O yes there is a problem.

    You get fix 1, 2, 3… and now its oil.

    Next the 5D II issues (I won’t list).

    Remember you paid for it to work the way they advertise and state in the specs.

    I think quality is failing…

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